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Every now and again, especially around the holidays, customers board the plane with more than just their carryon luggage. Sometimes kind people actually bring gifts for their flight attendants!

These are not lavish or expensive items, and they are not the same as the gifts outlined in last week’s Gift Guide for Travelers. The gifts given on airplanes are small tokens of appreciation—that make a big impact on our day.

If you are one of the people who brings your flight crews candy, gift cards, or other little presents, thank you so much. If you are considering bringing a treat to the crew on your upcoming flight but don’t know what to get, then read on. I’ve got the top gifts that will instantly make you your flight attendant’s favorite.

To be clear, a gift is never expected on the airplane. But it is always appreciated. And if you want to make it onto your flight attendant’s nice list, then there is no better way.

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Top Gifts to Win Over Your Flight Crew

& Have the Best Flight Ever

1. Starbucks Gift Card

Wake me up when it’s all over. JK, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Whatever your opinion of the holiday season, the fact remains that it can be exhausting.

This is why Starbucks is king, as far as airline crews are concerned. Flight attendants’ crazy schedules get even crazier during the holidays. The increase in flights and winter weather can cause delays and other shenanigans, meaning long days and short sleep. A $5 gift card to Starbucks means the world to a flight attendant.

Dunkin Donuts gift cards also work well! Or Peet’s if it’s a west coast airline. Starbucks is simply the preferred option because you can find a location virtually anywhere. Rock your flight attendant’s world this season, with the gift of caffeine.

2. Chocolate

Tried and true, if you want to be your flight attendant’s favorite, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Any candy will do, but chocolate is by far the best choice. Lindt, Godiva, and Ferraro Rocher are fan favorites around the holidays. See’s Candies will make your flight attendants holly and jolly. Or really impress them with something from a local sweets shop.

They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but I really think it is the way to everyone’s heart. And the sweet stuff is what gets this flight attendant excited.

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3. Eye Masks

Holiday shopping might get you to your loved ones, but all it gets us is TIRED. Flight schedules are crazier than ever during the holidays. (And so are the passengers—oops, did I say that?) Flight attendants miss out on sleep with delays, time zone changes, and flip-flopping between working early mornings and late nights. As a result, we end up carrying more baggage than we’d like—under our eyes.

Eyes are important right now, since it’s the only part of our face anyone can see. Show some love to your flight attendants by giving the gift of self-care. I’m not talking about sleep masks, but instead the under-eye patches that come with soothing ingredients like collagen, gold, and green tea meant to de-puff, de-wrinkle, and minimize dark circles under the eyes. This creative gift is sure to make you your flight attendant’s favorite. The best part is these things are so affordable. A 20-pack will cost you $10-17 on Amazon. Give one to each person on your crew and keep the rest for your travels.

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This option with collagen and 24k gold is only $12.99 for a 20-pack and has super cute packaging.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

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These babies have green tea and 100% matcha for moisture and anti-aging. Plus fun packaging that make them perfect for pre-wrapped mini gifts. At $11.72 for a 20 pack, you can’t go wrong.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

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Alternatively, you can go for a steam mask. These ones were gifted to me by a friend and I have enjoyed them so, SO much on my layovers. The masks are made of soft cotton and are self-warming. You get a soothing, steam eye mask treatment that lasts 30-45 minutes—if you can stay awake that long. This is the PERFECT way to relax in the hotel after a long day on the airplane. A 16-pack is $16.99 on Amazon and well worth it. Be sure to keep some of these for yourself.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

4. Hand Lotion

Y’all our hands are DRY. If you fly a lot, you know the air in the cabin is super dry. Couple that with constant hand-washing and winter weather, and flight attendants end up with dry, cracked skin in the winter. We are constantly applying hand lotion throughout the flight to combat the dryness. A travel-sized hand lotion is a creative little gift that will make your flight attendant LOVE you.

Click Here to shop travel-size hand lotions.

5. Scented Spray

If you’ve been reading my flight attendant content for a while, you know that there can be a lot of stinky situations on airplanes. A travel-size scented spray is the perfect gift to make your flight attendant swoon. If you read my How To Poop On A Plane post, then you know that Poo-Pouri and Bath & Body Works Concentrated Room Spray are the top dogs in the scented spray category. I’d recommend going with the Bath & Body Works spray because it’s less awkward than handing over a bottle that says “Poo” to a stranger. Plus, there are way more scents to choose from. These babies are super concentrated so one little spray will do the trick, even in the nastiest of airplane lavatories. They’re $8.50 each, or you can get three for $20 at Bath & Body Works. Get an assortment and give one to each crewmember. Or save one for yourself!

Click here to buy at Bath & Body Works.

Giving a delightfully scented room spray will show your flight attendant you really get it. And just like that, you’re in the club.

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I couldn’t tell you what “Frozen Lake” smells like, but I can tell you your flight attendant will appreciate the gesture.

And there you have it, folx. Five quick, easy, & inexpensive gifts that will make your flight attendant’s day and get you on the nice list. As I said in the beginning, a gift is never something we expect from passengers. But it is such a sweet way to show you care. While we are working to get you closer to your loved ones, we are probably missing ours. These little tokens of appreciation are the best medicine for homesickness.


Thanks for thinking of us, and have a happy, healthy holiday season. <3

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