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fathers day gift ideas for on the go dads

Father’s Day is just around the corner!


Mother’s Day and Fathers’ Day are my favorite Hallmark holidays. I feel so lucky to have landed with the parents I have, and I love this extra day to tell them that. I also find holidays to be good excuses for eating sweets, so that doesn’t hurt. Being a full-time Flight Attendant, I’ve got some unique gift ideas for the pilot, flight attendant, and world traveler on your list. As COVID restrictions ease, and the world opens up for travel once more, why not give your on-the-go dad something to spark joy and pump him up to get on the road again.

The gifts I’m about to outline below are not necessarily what I would think of for my dads (I have a dad and a stepdad), as they don’t travel a ton. But maybe your dad (or husband, or daddy 😉 or baby daddy) works in the biz, is an aviation geek, or just loves to explore. I’ve compiled a list of Fathers’ Day gifts that range from cute to kind to freakin’ awesome.

And please stay ’til the end, as I’ve included a few links to organizations that help children living without fathers due to incarceration. Just a quick click and a small donation could make a difference and make your dad even prouder of you than he already is. Hope you enjoy!

Please note that *SOME*, but not all of the links below are affiliate links for which I could earn a small commission. But all of them are dope gift recommendations of my own accord.

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Top Fathers’ Day Gifts for Dads on the Go

For the Long Haul

Long haul flights are hard on the body. Besides the boredom if you have nothing to do, and the crying baby next to you, there are physical elements that make it more uncomfortable. IT can be hot & stuffy or really cold. The recycled oxygen is dry, affecting your skin and sinuses. And sitting for too long in one spot, with feet on the floor, can lead to blood clots. (I’m not trying to scare you, but get up and walk, when it’s safe, every few hours to reduce this risk.) Then there’s Red Eye Syndrome, or, the fainting. I work a TON of redeye flights and I’d say 1 out of every 4 of those flights someone faints or passes out. It’s usually a simple matter of dehydration or low blood sugar, so don’t be too alarmed. But know if it happens to you, you’re not the only one!

If your on-the-go dad frequents redeyes or long-haul flights, why not make him as comfy as possible?


This Dot&Dot Memory Foam Travel Pillow goes beyond the U-shaped pillow you picked up at the airport gift shop, or worse, on the airplane. The memory foam is an obvious comfort perk, but the real seller here is the fact that you can twist and bend it to any shape you’d like. Support your head, neck or back, in whatever way feels best.

The turtl travel pillow has become pretty famous.

One side plush cushion, and one side a wrap around to keep you cozy and supported. And though it looks a bit like a neck brace, the word on the street is it’s SUPER comfy. Add machine-washable & compact, packable design to the mix, and you can see why it’s so popular.

Doing your duty

Masks are so in this season. Listen up people, restrictions are easing but masks are here to stay. For now, anyway. And even if you don’t think you need protection and it’s silly, it is required. This requirement is not just for you, but helps to protect everyone on the airplane AND, importantly, the CREW working your flight. Please be kind and compliant on your next flight. Flight Attendants are frontline employees.

But don’t fret, mask hater! These supercool aviation-themed masks by AirportTag will have you feeling yo swag all the way through the terminal. Here are just a few examples of the design options. Check out for more!

aviation, pride themed face mask for travelers
airplane face mask for aviation lovers

Summer Essentials for on the go dads

I believe in this gift so much! I am an evangelical supporter of the microfiber towel. I bought my first one to take on a trip to Greece two years ago and was so impressed tat I began gifting them to other people when I got back. They are thin and roll up so small in your bag for space-saving. They are quick drying—Super important if you are traveling and may have to RE-PACK it in your suitcase the next day! AND, because of the material, sand doesn’t stick—even to the wet spots! Seriously this is a gift you can get for anyone. (I’m saying, if you don’t have one, purchase two—one for you and one for Dad. Consider matching colors!)


This BAGAIL microfiber travel towel even has a zipper pocket to hold your phone!


AirportTag also has some super-cute aviation-themed towels. Some of them are very industry-specific and would be great for pilot dads.  (The ones that look like airplane instruments, that I have no idea how to read.) And some are great for all travelers. One of the coolest things is you can have custom towel made with your home airport code (like the San Juan example below.)


There is a great design for any on-the-go dad. Click on the images below to purchase or browse tons of other aviation-themed designs.

aviation themed airplane beach towel
aviation themed boarding pass beach towel
aviation themed beach towel, san juan airport code
aviation themed beach towel with passport stamps

From on-the-go to Chillin’ at home

Being on the road can be a lot, even if you love it. With early morning reports and overnight flying, this industry is caffeine-heavy. And after a long day on the plane, especially for flight attendant dads, who deal directly with the public, sometimes a tall glass of wine feels as necessary as the security checks they performed that morning. (Read about what drives Flight Attendants to drink in this post on the worst customers.)

Consider one of these cute beverage holders (via Etsy) so your on-the-go dad can sip in style, while relaxing at home.

flight attendant humor wineglass

Sold by Crafternoon Treat. Click image to purchase on Etsy.

pilot joke coffee mug

Sold by BackyardPeaks. Click image to purchase on Etsy.

Or these coasters, for the pilot/flight attendant/aviation geek in your life!

aviation themed coasters

Sold by PrestigeDecanters. Click image to purchase on Etsy.

Green on the Go

For the eco-conscious or environmentally woke dad, why not gift him some reusable travel essentials to replace the throw-away ones?

Aviation is one of the most harmful industries to the planet. Not only is jet fuel polluting the air, but it also generates a ton of waste. Just think about all those little plastic cups in the cabin. All the trash bags gone by and napkins you throw away. I’ve been trying to find ways to reduce my eco-footprint while at work, so that I can feel good in knowing I’m taking responsibility and doing my part. From bringing my own waterbottle and travel mug, using a reusable makeup remover cloth, I’ve found a number of ways that help. Whether your dad is a flight attendant, pilot, or just frequent traveler, he is playing a role in this too. Help your on-the-go dad help the planet.

This may sound gross, but HEAR ME OUT. Floss is incredibly damaging to the environment. Just think about what happens to that plastic string once it leaves your trash barrel and ends up in the world. Wrapped around a turtle’s neck? Swallowed by a bird? Plastic NEVER fully breaks down. So your nasty floss is sitting there in perpetuity, harming the environment, long after you’ve finished fishing out that popcorn kernel.

It requires a bit of thinking outside the box, but this eco-friendly biodegradable floss is such a good gift! PLUS it comes in black and white, and black floss is decidedly cool.  (You can tell your dad that, anyway.)

eco-friendly biodegradable floss

Sold by SmileBoutiques. Click to purchase on Etsy.

Sold by SustainablePassionCA. Click image to purchase on Etsy.

Okay, this may sound grosser (I was easing you in.) but what about those Q-Tips?

(*Can we all take a moment of silence here for the Eargasm? Hallelujah I swear swapping your ear is the best feeling ever.)

So, obviously these disposable little sticks are really bad for the environment. I’ve found some reusable options! Ya, I think it’s a little gross too, but I think I’m going to order one anyway and see for myself.

This wooden travel toothbrush does its part by keeping plastic out of the equation. Plus, they look pretty cool.

And these two travel cutlery set ensure that Dad can “Just say no” to those throw-away plastic utensils and straws that are clogging up the oceans & land.

(Click any of the images to purchase.)

zero waste bamboo toothbrush for eco-conscious traveler

Sold by SmileBoutiques. Click to purchase on Etsy.

environmentally friendly,bamboo cutlery, great for travel and on the go dads

Sold by Expansee. Click image to purchase on Etsy.

For your Two Proud Dads

Why am I including this section, and what does it have to do with travel?

Well, as a flight attendant, a lot of the loving fathers I work with happen to be gay men as well. My industry has a lot of diversity and I’m proud to say I work for one of the most inclusive airlines in America. Here are some sweet gift ideas for the two dads in your life.

This customizable family portrait. Custom gifts are the best! Maybe throw an airplane in the background for some real themed-up fun.

This sweet card that shows how much you appreciate your family.

family portrait, with two dads

Sold by TheMingle. Click image to purchase on Etsy.

Sold by Pricklycards. Click to purchase on Etsy.

Show your PROUD support for your on-the-go dad this year.

For the family on the go

Remind Dad that, despite this distance, you’re always close at heart with this adorable customizable map print. (Didn’t I say customized gifts are the best!?) Include your siblings or pick the single option to remain the favorite!

customized map print, gift idea for the on the go dad

Sold by KNOTandNEST. Click image to purchase via Etsy.

Doing Good & Honoring Dad

I want to take a quick moment, before we get into the gifts to share a couple of organizations you might consider donating to this Fathers’ Day. We’re living in a crazy time right now, and wouldn’t it feel good, in addition to showing your dad how much you love him, to spread the good around?

Do you know how many children in America are growing up without fathers due to mass incarceration? A lot. And the majority of these children are black and latinx, due to the stratification in our justice system. I’m sure you can imagine the trauma that this would cause for a child and it can have rippling and lasting effects.

This Fathers’ Day, consider making a donation to support children who are not as fortunate as you are, to have their dad(s) at home. Make the donation in your old man’s honor, or you could make a small “side gift,” in whatever amount, on your own.

The Sesame Workshop. Sesame Street has been tackling difficult topics for years, most recently premiering an episode dedicated to anti-racism. Sesame Street in Communities provides resources for children of incarcerated parents age 0-6 and their caregivers to help with the day-to-day of living without a parent and to foster communication, understanding and expression. DONATE HERE

Rutgers University has provided this list of scholarships specifically for children of incarcerated parents. The college application process can be daunting, and having a parent behind bars slashes financial security and viability. You can donate to one of these scholarships to help out a young adult trying to make their way in the world. See the list of scholarships to donate HERE. provides resources for children & families of incarcerated persons, and caregivers. At the bottom of the page find state and local organizations that provide direct services and accept donations. See HERE.

Also consider donating to the Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund for Black women and girls, which helps to foster healing for communities of color through access ton mental health services. DONATE HERE.


Now, onto the gifts!

I hope you liked some of these Fathers’ Day gift ideas for your world-travelin’, on-the-go dad. Get shopping if you haven’t already, it’s just around the corner! Wishing all of you a healthy, happy weekend and Fathers’ Day!

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