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Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. And with the cold/allergies I’m suffering from, short and sweet is about all I can handle.

Today’s post is not even really a post, so much as it is an announcement. Big changes are coming to the blog.

Going forward, starting today, I’ll be shifting to a bi-weekly publishing schedule. New posts about flight attendant life, travel, and personal anecdotes will be going live every other Thursday on the blog, instead of every week.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but once it was made it felt right. Exciting.

The Weekly Deadline

Having a weekly deadline has been a serious test of stamina and dedication for me, and it has done wonders for this little bloggo. Readership has grown, we’ve got regular subscribers (that I’m beyond grateful for) coming back again and again, and we’re even making (a very tiny amount of) money. When I look back at my first post from February 2019, it’s wild. We have come SO far! And the biggest factor in all of it has been consistency. Producing quality work in regular intervals.

That, and having the best, most supportive readers, of course.

Having a weekly deadline has also pushed me personally, in a good way. Some weeks I woke up Wednesday morning—once or twice on Thursday, publishing day—having no idea what I wanted to write about that week. It astounds me that I’ve managed, every single time, to come up with something. And usually something meaningful. I’m proud of rising to the occasion with new content each and every week for the last two years.

It’s been awesome.


Why the Change?

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that my posts are not short. Far from a click-bait listicle, my average blog post ranges from 4-10 pages. It’s lunacy. And while I might be good at writing, I am not quick at it. Hours are spent every week writing, editing, staring at a computer screen—all steps before I take on the tedious tasks of inputting, formatting, optimizing, and hyping on social media. Each little post on my little personal blog costs me 20 hours a week. And this is only the work for individual posts—leaving out the time it would take to do things like update the site, troubleshoot, or maintain a mailing list.

I have loved having this weekly publishing schedule, but there is more I want to be doing. And the long and short of it is I need more time. I want to make this website the best that it can possibly be. Faster, more user-friendly, more mobile-friendly. I want to offer different types of content, to do collaborations with other creative people. I want the time to brainstorm the next big idea.

I’m planning a big trip for September. A month-long bucket-list adventure, one that I don’t want to miss by being glued to my laptop. I’ve been working on music—weekly visits to a studio, collaborating with a musician and producer who is showing me the ropes, teaching me a lot, and building up my confidence as an artist. Childhood dream type stuff. The book project I’ve been working on for more than a year feels within reach but remains unfinished. I’m finding it difficult to buckle down and write more when I’m already writing so much each week for the blog. And let’s not forget I have a full-time job—you know, that whole flight attendant thing.

All of this is besides the financial goals, and running goals, and travel goals, and having a social life, and maybe even a love life someday. It’s a lot.

But it’s a lot of good. It’s a lot of really good, fulfilling, wonderful stuff.

I’m not cutting back the publishing schedule because I’m burnt out. I love writing for this blog.

I just have other things that I love and like and want to try, and I’ve decided to allocate some of my time to those things, too.

I’m excited to see what this change can mean for A Wheel in the Sky and my other passion projects. And I hope that you will come back to visit next week and every other Thursday for the travel, flight attendant, and personal content you’ve come to expect here. There is TONS of solid content from 2019 and 2020 that many of you haven’t read yet. So if you’re missing my voice on the bye week, please check out some of those oldies.

If you have any travel questions, flight attendant questions, or topics you think I should be writing about, let me know below in the comments, DM me on Instagram, or email me directly. I’m all ears and always up for a suggestion!

If you’d like to support this blog, consider becoming a subscriber and stay up to date on the latest in Toni’s Travels & all things #flightattendantlife.

A Wheel in the Sky is a one-woman show, and I’m trying my best to put on a good show. If you’re into what I’m doing here and want to support it, you can buy me a coffee at A gift is never expected and always appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by to read this quick post. Thank you for all the support you’ve given, and for all the hours you’ve spent reading my work over the years.

Here’s wishing you a very happy weekend and hoping to see you back here next week. Same time, same place.

You rock.


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  • Rae

    April 28, 2022

    So excited to see what you can do, and so proud of yourself for spreading your priorities. We’re all so lucky to come along for the ride!

  • Corey Barnes

    April 29, 2022

    👏👏👏keep up the great work! Setting boundaries with ourselves is so healthy and empowers others to do the same! So excited to have front row seats to the beautiful, exciting, vibrant life of Toni!! Cannot wait to watch you hit all your goals and cheer you along by your (distant) side!!


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